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The Scarlet
The Scarlet

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The Council Corner

What's Magic?

I believe I actually heard the sound of the entire chamber rolling their eyes simultaneously when this debate was brought back up for the second time within a fortnight — an entire hour was spent on it the week before, after all.

The Council seems to be very set on finding a term that covers the arcane, the Light, nature magics and even the mysterious Chi. However, they refuse to simply write a definition of that term and be done with it.

Regardless of the slow wheels of bureaucracy, we would advise against using anything for violence or mischief. Just because some politicians refuse to use common sense, you shouldn't do so.

New Ministers

Congratulations to Heir'tar "Charlie" Blazesong, the new Minister of Defence, and Rhena Oxley, the new Minister of Magic!

Arthur Dragonpen

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The Council Corner
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