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 Fancy another drink?

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PostSubject: Fancy another drink?   Fancy another drink? EmptyTue Aug 09, 2016 8:24 pm

Salutations readers!

The last time you heard from me I'd been frequenting various drinking holes across Stormwind, and the results were interesting to say the very least. But once I had finally ticked most establishments off my tankard list, properties changed hands! Some say the owners were forced into early retirement under threats of assaults, some simply believe longstanding barkeeps such as Joachim Brenlow became fed up with the usual riff raff of the city, but more on that next time!

Now, I have some locations at the top of my go-to list, first and foremost the Blue Recluse, not really been there since I heard some fancy pants in a tight blue shirt took it over, so what better time to don my finest drinking cap and get the grit on the place. I will be holding open format interviews in and around the tavern in the coming week or so to find out what you the public have to say about the Blue Recluse and the hands that forced the change over.

Latest statistics certainly indicate that Stormwind has been capitalising on the large increase of out of work ex-guards and the like, as such rumour has even begun around rising ale prices, and as always I wish to hear what you have to say about it. Plenty more to come in future articles, so ask yourself, fancy a drink?

Jembles Chisparks- Tavern goer extraordinaire
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Fancy another drink?
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