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 Inside the mind:- Sebastien Hutchins

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Inside the mind:- Sebastien Hutchins Empty
PostSubject: Inside the mind:- Sebastien Hutchins   Inside the mind:- Sebastien Hutchins EmptySat Oct 22, 2016 12:58 pm

Salutations readers!

Welcome to the first edition of my new article 'Inside the mind', each issue I will be bringing you new insights from the minds of our readers favourite celebrities! For this very special first article, I bring you, Sebastien Hutchins.

I asked Sebastien first and foremost about his stance on the Legion, as we all know, he is married to the publics favourite felslinger.

Sebastiensays 'I hate it, they're possibly the biggest threat to Azeroth I've ever seen, not sure what is worse, them or Deathwing, they'll keep trying til they win or lose.'

Some strong words, this is clearly a man who knows his stuff. You might be asking yourself, why is a man of such passionate hatred married to a felslinger? And like you readers, I thought the same. So I asked him 'Do you believe fel magics and the like are critical to Azeroths success'?

Sebastien had this to say, 'From experience, fel users and in fact users of other dark magics, have been quite useful against the threats we've faced before. From the Lich King to Garrosh Hellscream. I hesitate to say yes as I really am not comfortable with their magic and the effects it can have on the user, let alone the land around them. Their knowledge, especially in this war, combined with the power their magic has... I think it'll be invaluable this time, especially with Demon Hunters on our side.'

So what I take from this, asides Sebastien believing dark magic vital to the cause, is the more pressing issue his statement presents. ' I really am not comfortable with their magic and the effects it can have on the user'... This statement, this is a cry for help. I truly believe we are seeing the beginning of the end for Sebapha, has Azapha's fel magic use put so much strain on their relationship? I would like to know just as much as you readers.

To finalise the interview, and get to the most important detail of course, I just had to know, what is his favourite drink?

Blue Jaguero, seemed obvious once I'd asked! So, readers, friends, Sebapha fans, buy the man a Blue Jaguero and comfort this man in his time of inner struggle.

Until next time readers, I hope you enjoyed your time Inside the mind of Sebastien Hutchins

Jembles Chisparks:- Interviewer Extraordinaire
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Inside the mind:- Sebastien Hutchins
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