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 Odd jobs for oddjobs!

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Odd jobs for oddjobs! Empty
PostSubject: Odd jobs for oddjobs!   Odd jobs for oddjobs! EmptyMon Sep 12, 2016 5:12 pm

Salutations readers!

With the Legion crisis in full swing every man, woman and creature with a good sword arm (or reading comprehension speed, we don't judge!) has been called to the front, as such I have been left with many a job on my plate!

I'm looking for all those of you in need of a bit of coin, for a bit of hard graft (or joining me to get merry at a tavern, who knows!) to get stuck into the dangerous world of elite journalism at my side!

At present you will all know I cover taverns, political gatherings, and of course anything else! Now, this is most certainly not a permanent journalist job, think of it more of a grand opportunity to train with one of The Scarlet's fabulous journalists and start your own journey with Azeroth's #1 tabloid.

Desired qualifications
- Two arms
- Your own pencil
- Some form of vision (See that? That's equality my demon hunting companions!)
- A burning desire to write only the highest quality news!

Send your letters of application to
Jembles Chisparks
The Scarlet Office
Mages District
Stormwind City

Until next time readers!

Jembles Chisparks- Employer Extraordinaire

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Odd jobs for oddjobs!
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