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 Public Safety in Khaz Modan!

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Public Safety in Khaz Modan! Empty
PostSubject: Public Safety in Khaz Modan!   Public Safety in Khaz Modan! EmptyThu Aug 11, 2016 8:46 pm

Public Safety in Khaz Modan!

The Senate of Ironforge was addressed on the 11th of the 8th month, post Legion invasion regarding public safety during this crisis, it would seem the general consensus was they wish us well, but can't promise anything. Fancy that!

Senator Felha, current Senator of Order had this to say:- 'If you don't feel safe here then leave.' Very blunt and to the point, I attempted to query Miss Felha on the subject but she simply got irate and condescending, so I thought for my own safety it was best I laid off the subject.

Senator Lightbang shared some encouraging facts about the strength of Ironforge and its military which seemed to settle some nerves.

Senator Boozeboat focused on welcoming the Alliance's new force of Demon Hunters who found their way to the Ironforge Senate rather briskly, seemingly keen on offering their assistance.

Overall it seems the Senate was certainly focused on assisting the general public in staying safe, but unfortunately for those of us not skilled in combat and the art of demon fighting warfare, the best they can offer is well wishes and solid advice; Stay within the city limits, don't travel alone, and don't take candy from a Doomguard.

If you have any tips to share, enquiries about public safety or information on the current Legion crisis get in touch, all entries will receieve a chance of winning a fabulous insta-bunker 3000 for all your crisis needs.

Jembles Chisparks- Senate goer extraordinaire
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Public Safety in Khaz Modan!
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